205 Providence Street

205 Providence Street – c. 1884

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Moses Daniels Jonathan Pratt 002/24/1810 000176/534 East side of Providence Street
Jonathan Pratt Solomon Pratt 03/11/1822 000238/395
Moses Daniels Solomon Pratt 01/28/1826 000250/489 West side of Providence Street
Solomon Pratt Anson Aldrich 02/10/1834 000297/499 Mortgage deed
Solomon Pratt Riley Daniels 08/27/1834 000303/180 Sold at auction
Anson Aldrich Riley Daniels 02/26/1836 000311/511
Cyrus C. Daniels Rizpah Daniels 06/25/1845 000402/180 Cyrus Daniels title via the estate of his father, Riley Daniels (d. 1839)

Rizpah Daniels, wife of Riley Daniels

Parcel 2 with blacksmith shop, the “Pratt Place”

Rizpah Daniels Mowry Darling 08/16/1848 000454/427 Mention of dwelling house and trip hammer shop
Aldrich B. Cook Mowry Darling 04/03/1850 000476/530 Property south of the pond
Rizpah Daniels
Louis R. Daniels
Cyrus C. Daniels 02/04/1852 000494/614
Cyrus C. Daniels Mowry Darling 08/09/1852 000520/220 Land only
Sylvia Darling Cyrus C. Daniels 04/01/1863 000663/528 Sylvia Darling, wife of Mowry Darling
(d. 1863)
Cyrus C. Daniels Leon Daniels 10/22/1875 000951/555 One undivided ½
Leon Daniels Cyrus C. Daniels 10/23/1875 000969/062
Cyrus C. Daniels Leon Daniels
Mary Daniels
10/23/1875 000969/063 Leon Daniels, son of Cyrus C. Daniels

House is on Tract 1

Francis N. Thayer,
Administrator of the
Estate of Leon Daniels
Rodney A. Moore 04/25/1894 001440/484 Rodney A. Moore, husband of Susan Daniels Moore, sister of Leon Daniels
(d. 1893)

Sold at auction

Mary M. Daniels Rodney A. Moore 04/25/1894 001440/485 Mary M. Daniels, wife of Leon Daniels

Same property as deed above

Leon Daniels Walter Scott 08/03/1908 001884/461 Leon Daniels, nephew of Susan D. Moore (d. 1907), wife of Rodney A. Moore
(d. 1901)

Title via the will of Susan D. Moore

Tract 1 in deed above

Mary E. Scott Exilda Cote 10/01/1917 002140/599 Mary E. Scott, wife of Walter Scott
(d. 1914)
Victor Cote Charles Dussault 03/11/1937 002690/112 Victor Cote title via the estate of his wife Exilda Cote
Charles Dussault Harry W. Holbrook
Ella F. Holbrook
09/06/1939 002754/505
Harry W. Holbrook
Ella F. Holbrook
Leo H. Brunelle
Aurore L. Brunelle
08/07/1944 002925/373
Leo H. Brunelle
Aurore L. Brunelle
Dennis P. Rainville 08/17/1949 003203/579
Ellen E. Rainville,
Executrix under the
Will of Dennis P.
Ford Hoisington
Henrietta Hoisington
01/16/1956 003746/146 Ellen E. Rainville, wife of Dennis P. Rainville (d. 1955)
Ford Hoisington
Henrietta Hoisington
Robert W. O’Grady
Ruth P. O’Grady
08/26/1965 004595/535
Ruth P. O’Grady William R. Hoisington 09/17/1998 020439/196 Portion of deed above

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