20 Maple Street

20 Maple Street – c. 1857

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Charles C. P. Hastings
Mary M. Hayward
Albert Gould 08/19/1844 000392/288
Albert Gould Charles Cotesworth
Pickney Hastings
04/09/1845 000398/128 Mortgage deed; first mention of buildings
Albert Gould Cyrus Boyden 03/31/1848 000435/125
Cyrus Boyden
Mary R. Boyden
Adam D. Wheelock 07/09/1857 000584/151
Adam D. Wheelock Mary R. Boyden 07/09/1857 000584/152 Lease
Adam D. Wheelock
Cyrus Boyden
Mary R. Boyden
Alexander H. Allen 03/31/1870 000813/264 Alexander Hamilton Allen was an attorney, selectman, town clerk, town treasurer, assessor, and Mendon’s agent to the County Commissioner’s office
Nathan George Alexander H. Allen 05/31/1871 000856/055
Charles H. Allen Abraham P. Scribner 03/14/1881 001093/241 Abraham P. Scribner, stage coach driver and mail carrier

Charles H. Allen, son of Alexander H. Allen
(d. 1880)

Lucy C. Scribner Alonzo E. Brown 03/19/1903 001743/351 Lucy Scribner, widow of Abraham P. Scribner (d. 1901)
Alonzo E. Brown Fred R. Phipps
Ernestine K. Phipps
03/23/1927 002431/562 Portion of deed above
Ernestine K. Phipps Arthur D. Paddock
Linda J. Paddock
08/12/1977 006260/392
Arthur D. Paddock
Linda J. Paddock
Fred R. Phipps 12/28/1990 013172/058

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