27 North Avenue – c. 1910

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Samuel W. Doggett Amariah A. Taft 07/11/1864 000686/526 Land only
Amariah A. Taft Eli Bates 11/06/1873 000915/121 Portion of deed above
Eli Bates Alonzo Hall 01/23/1874 000920/373 Mortgage deed
Eli Bates Alonzo Hall 06/12/1893 001412/367 Foreclosure
Alonzo Hall Adin Hall 06/27/1893 001418/053 Sold at auction
Adin A. Hall Walter N. Thompson 06/27/1893 001418/055
Walter N. Thompson George H. Whiting 04/01/1895 001470/189
George H. Whiting Rufus O. Williams 07/07/1903 001753/545
Rufus O. Williams Ray Hood 09/25/1908 001888/163
Ray Hood Lora E. Williams 09/25/1908 001889/051
Lora E. Williams Frances G. Mann 07/20/1915 002083/208 Portion of deed above
Frances G. Mann Gertrude L. Jones 10/30/1920 002232/041
Gertrude L. Jones Frances G. Mann 08/13/1923 002308/263
Agnes L. Derry
Jeanne A. Zulak
G. Hermann Derry
Gertrude L.
(Jones) Lewis
02/10/1950 003300/503 Heirs of Frances G. Mann (d. 1927)

Gertrude L. Lewis, Agnes L. Derry, daughters of Frances G. Mann

Jeanne L. Zulak, G. Hermann Derry, children of Agnes L. Derry, grandchildren of Frances G. Mann

Gertrude L. Lewis Joseph V. Abretti, Jr.
Concetta M. Abretti
08/28/1957 003890/169
Concetta M. Abretti Concetta M. Abretti
Robyn Celeste Abretti
09/14/2007 041831/086
Concetta M. Abretti
Robyn Celeste Abretti
Aram Babaian 11/06/2012 050189/182

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