12 North Avenue – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Amariah A. Taft William S. Hastings 09/16/1871 000852/455 Land and buildings
Amariah A. Taft William S. Hastings 07/01/1874 000931/559 Land only
Amariah A. Taft Eli Bates 07/01/1874 000931/445 Land only
Darius S. Flagg Eli Bates 09/10/1875 000963/453 Land only
William S. Hastings Erwin A. Bates 04/27/1883 001142/590 Erwin A. Bates, son of Eli Bates
John L. Bates Frank E. Stevens 12/07/1892 001396/553 John L. Bates, son of Eli Bates
Rupert F. Bates
Frank E. Stevens
Agnes E. Bates
Erwin A. Bates 01/28/1893 001405/384 Rupert F. Bates and Agnes E. Bates, children of Eli Bates

West side of North Avenue

Erwin A. Bates Mary C. Claflin 09/25/1893 001424/282 Both sides of North Avenue, 49 acres

1898 map show W.T.Claflin; this is Wilfred T. Claflin, son of Mary Claflin and James Russell Claflin

Walter N. Thompson Ambrose B. White 12/23/1908 001895/313 Title via the will of his mother, Mary C. Claflin (d. 1906)

Half-brother of Wilfred T. Claflin

24 acres on the west side of North Avenue and 25 acres on the east side

Ambrose B. White John H. Cunningham 09/29/1913 002038/178
Waldo M. Thayer,
Trustee Under the
Will of Mary C.
John H. Cunningham 10/11/1913 002039/274
John H. Cunningham Robert P. Neil
Annie Neil
05/22/1916 002104/587 Portion of deed above
Robert P. Neil
Annie Neil
Joseph R. Saucier
Emelia A. Saucier
05/17/1919 002177/404
Joseph R. Saucier
Emelia A. Saucier
Kostanti Soszynski
Mary Soszynski
10/09/1922 002282/228
Kostanti Soszynski
Mary Soszynski
Burnette Reyonlds 06/29/1933 002585/172
Burnette Reyonlds Lunnette R. Danforth 06/29/1933 002585/283
Lunnette R. Danforth Julia A. Swan 07/09/1948 003130/156 Portion of Tract 1 in the deed above
Shelley D. Vincent III,
Administrator of the
Estate of Julia A.
Thomas C. Palumbo
Linda R. Palumbo
02/23/1973 005315/510

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