91 Millville Street

91 Millville Street – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Alanson S. Freeman Henry K. Stratford 01/18/1848 000438/596
Henry K. Stratford Alney (Olney) White 12/01/1849 000455/560 First mention of buildings
Olney White Benjamin B. Healy 10/31/1850 000468/354
Benjamin B. Healy Alexander W. Shepard 07/15/1851 000479/321
Alexander W. Shepard Arnold Aldrich, Jr. 09/20/1852 000498/247
Arnold Aldrich, Jr. Peter Morris 02/07/1856 000536/644
Peter Morris Robert Ferguson 01/03/1857 000574/461
Paul P. Todd,
Assignee of the Estate
of Peter Morris
Robert Ferguson 08/24/1859 000628/066
Bridget (Ferguson)

Guardian of
John Ferguson
Thomas Ferguson
James Ferguson
Robert Ferguson
Leander Ferguson
Mary Jane Ferguson

Alice Morris 06/01/1866 000728/491 Bridget (Ferguson) Reeves, widow of Robert Ferguson

John, Thomas James, Robert, Leander and May Jane Ferguson, minor children of Robert Ferguson

Sarah Streatch,
Executrix of the Will
of Alice Morris
Rosanna Bourassa 04/15/1919 002173/561 House is on Parcel 1
Francis P. Brady,
Conservator of the
Property of Rosanna
George R. Hoggarth
Jennie V. Hoggarth
03/28/1925 002365/244 Sold at auction
Eleanor Burnham Craig R. Burnham, Sr. 02/05/2004 032801/329 Eleanor Burnham, daughter and heir of George R. Hoggarth (d. 1961) and Jennie V. Hoggarth (d. 1930)
Craig R. Burnham, Sr. Craig R. Burnham, Sr.
Leslie A. Burnham
01/09/2008 042291/027
Craig R. Burnham, Sr.
Leslie A. Burnham
Craig R. Burnham, Jr. 10/14/2021 066389/323 Portion of deed above

Adjacent land

Original house demolished 2023

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