157 Hartford Avenue East

157 Hartford Avenue East – c. 1850

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Elijah Dewing Charles Dewing 07/03/1848 000517/178
Charles Dewing Eliza C. Cook 11/21/1871 000863/315 Parcel 2 on deeds below

House is on this parcel

Hamblet B. Fisk
Eliza C. (Cook) Fisk
Felix Munger 11/15/1883 001288/555
Felix Munger Helen S. Holder 03/08/1889 001288/556
Helen S. Holder Charles Gould 02/10/1890 001319/087
Albert Albee Charles Gould 02/08/1890 001319/086 Parcel 1 in deeds below
Albert Albee Charles Gould 04/03/1894 001461/506 Parcel 3 on deeds below
Wilhelmina B. Shelley
Myra B. Gould
Samuel S. Gould
Charles E. Felton
John Larson 06/30/1913 002044/364 Wilhelmina B. Shelley, Myra B. Gould, Samuel S. Gould and Charles E. Felton, heirs of Charles Gould (d. 1911)

3 Parcels

Wilhelmina B. Shelley,
Guardian of Dorothy A.
John Larson 06/30/1913 002044/365 Dorothy A. Moulton, heir of Charles Gould
John Larson Herbert M. Stowers
Elizabeth E. Stowers
12/09/1922 002287/010
Herbert M. Stowers Walter F. Jackson
Marguerite R. Jackson
05/04/1926 002402/592
Walter F. Jackson
Marguerite R. Jackson
Milford Co-operative
05/04/1926 002402/592 Mortgage deed
Milford Co-operative
Carl B. Stowers 08/31/1929 002504/585 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Carl B. Stowers George L. Taft
Annie W. Taft
10/21/1931 002553/125
Annie W. Taft Earl S. Hamm
Mary C. Hamm
05/15/1935 002640/127
Mary C. Hamm William J. Hanlon, Jr.
Patricia L. Hanlon
08/27/1964 004495/092

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