15 Thornton Street

3 Main Street – c. ????

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Arnold Mowry Israel Mowry 12/22/1813 000196/288 Israel Mowry (d. 1813) left ¼ interest to each of his sons, Arnold, Caleb, Robert and Israel Mowry

House is on Parcel 1 on the east side of the road

Caleb Mowry Israel Mowry 12/22/1813 000196/289
Luke Aldrich,
Guardian of Robert
Israel Mowry 05/23/1814 000196/287
Israel Mowry Simon Thornton 04/22/1815 000196/290
Simon Thornton Mancy Thornton 08/21/1815 000210/026 ¼ interest
Mancy Thornton Simon Thornton 07/07/1826 000252/168 ¼ interest
Jesse S. Thornton Simon E. Thornton 04/19/1856 000573/294 Simon Thornton (d. 1840) left ¾ interest to his grandsons Jesse S. Thornton and Simon E. Thornton

He left the remaining ¼ interest to his daughters Mary Ann Mowry and Julia A. Smith

George Mowry
Mary Ann Mowry
Simon E. Thornton 05/14/1856 000573/292
Aaron Smith
Julia A. Smith
Simon E. Thornton 05/14/1856 000573/293
Simon E. Thornton Benjamin E. Chace 02/24/1858 000594/049
Benjamin E. Chace George Mowry 03/02/1859 000606/464
Charles T. Aldrich Lillian M. T. Irons 06/04/1910 001935/406 Charles T. Aldrich title via the will of his mother Urana S. Aldrich (d. 1904)

Urana S. Aldrich title via the will of her father George Mowry (d. 1870) after the death of her mother Mary Ann Mowry
(d. 1860)

An old burial ground being excepted from this sale

Lillian M. T. Irons Jacob Wiersma
Nellie LaFleur
11/07/1930 002532/301
Jacob Wiersma
Nellie (LaFleur) Wiersma
Land Bank
Commissioner of
05/21/1934 002610/278 Mortgage deed
Jacob Wiersma
Nellie L. Wiersma
Federal Farm
Mortgage Corp.
01/05/1944 002908/202 Possession
Jacob Wiersma
Nellie L. Wiersma
Federal Farm
Mortgage Corp.
01/29/1944 002908/203 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Federal Farm
Mortgage Corp.
Austin A. LaBastie
Augusta LaBastie
07/26/1944 002922/544
Philip A. LaBastie
Daniel P. LaBastie
Patricia A. Victor
Patricia A. Victor,
Trustee under the
Street Realty Trust
01/24/2013 050363/215 Philip A. LaBastie, Daniel P. LaBastie and Patricia A. Victor, children of Augusta LaBastie (d. 2011)

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