11 Millville Street

11 Millville Street – c. 1750

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Grindall Rawson Thomas Gardner 10/08/1819 000256/366
Thomas Gardner John W. Alexander, Jr. 04/07/1837 000389/019
John W. Alexander Isabella Turner 02/24/1859 000605/561
Calvin Turner
Isabella Turner
Susan C. Walden 03/05/1859 000614/280
Lucy M. Adams William B. Walden 02/16/1871 000848/123 Lucy M. Adams, daughter of Susan C. Walden (d. 1869)
William B. Walden
Adelaide M. Walden
George H. Walden
Mary A. Walden
Charles H. Walden
Jennie S. Walden
John H. Taft
Helen F. Taft
Susan E. Cook
Monroe Cook
Elias A. Adams 02/16/1871 000848/146 William B., George H., Charles H. Walden, Ellen F. Taft, Susan E. Cook, children of Susan C. Walden
William B. Walden Elias A. Adams 05/16/1871 000848/144 William B. Walden, guardian of Frank D., John A., Mabel A. and Edwin M. Walden, minor children of Susan C. Walden
Elias A. Adams Henry W. Brown 02/27/1873 000894/446
Henry W. Brown Berton G. Brown 03/12/1901 001680/399
Henry W. Brown Henry W. Gaskill 12/20/1902 001736/339 Sheriff’s Deed; property seized and sold at auction
Amy B. Gaskill Berton G. Brown 09/27/1944 002934/114 Amy B. Gaskill, wife of Henry W. Gaskill
(d. 1938)
Berton G. Brown Belle Fanning 07/24/1945 002961/431
Berton G. Brown Belle Fanning 09/11/1945 002969/043 Land only
Belle Fenning Louis W. Benotti
Louise M. Benotti
10/25/1945 002975/157 Parcel 1, Parcel 2 are land only; house is on Parcel 3
Nicholas Frabotta Louis W. Benotti
Louise M. Benotti
11/26/1947 003165/100 Portion of land shown as Parcel A on plan, Parcel 4 on deeds; land only
Victoria M. Aho Victoria M. Aho
William E. Aho
01/21/1986 009190/302 Title obtained via Louis W. Benotti (d. 1984) and Louise M. Benotti
(d. 1983)
Victoria M. Aho
William E. Aho
Robert P. Luzi
Linda J. Auty
07/14/1986 009619/091
Robert P. Luzi
Linda J. Auty
Michael D. Lee 11/21/2001 025306/103
Michael D. Lee Andreia D. Darian 01/03/2006 038323/237
Andreia D. Darian Rte 85 Realty Corp. 10/01/2007 041879/256

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