23 Maple Street

23 Maple Street – c. 1880

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Joseph G. Davenport,
Guardian of Charles
C. P. Hastings
Dennis Eames 09/24/1849 000452/440 Charles C. P. Hastings, son of Charles C. P. Hastings (d. 1848)
Dennis Eames Sarah Holmes 11/05/1849 000458/257 Mortgage deed
Dennis Eames Sarah (Holmes) Moffett 01/17/1857 000575/058 Foreclosure
Edward M. Dennie,
Assignee of the Estate
of Dennis Eames
Nancy McClaughlin 03/23/1857 000573/633
Nancy McLaughlin Robert Wallis (Wallace) 06/12/1860 000630/041
Patrick Dyer
Ann Dyer
Mary A. Wallace 04/16/1869 000791/136 Mary A. Wallace, daughter of Sarah (McLoughlin) Wallace (d. 1906) and Robert Wallace (d. 1864)

Ann (McLoughlin) Dyer, sister of Sarah (McLoughlin) Wallace

Albert C. Holmes,
Administrator of
the Estate of Sarah
Holmes Moffett
Mary E. Fletcher 10/01/1906 001841/212 Albert C. Holmes, heir-at-law of Sarah Holmes Moffett

Deed “made for the purpose of clearing a possible cloud on the title to a part of the premises by reason of a mortgage deed made by Dennis Eames to Sarah Holmes”

Richard J. Wolahan Mary E. Fletcher 10/22/1906 001841/213 Richard Wolahan, husband of Mary A. (Wallace) Wolahan (d. 1897)
Richard J. Wolahan,
Guardian of Francis
R. Wolahan and
Charles R. Wolahan
Mary E. Fletcher 10/25/1906 001842/293 Francis R. and Charles R. Wolahan, minor children of Mary A. (Wallace) Wolahan
Loren L. Fletcher,
Administrator of the
Estate of Mary E.
Roscoe Steere 09/30/1924 002348/476 Loren L. Fletcher, husband of Mary E. Fletcher (d. 1924)
Roscoe Steere Effie A. Nelson 06/05/1936 002668/285
Effie A. Nelson Roscoe Steere
Abigail Steere
06/05/1936 002668/285
Beatrice Taft Pickard Mary H. Nason 05/12/1958 003938/467 Beatrice Taft Pickard title via the estate of Abigail Steere (d. 1955)
Mary H. Nason Roy O. Johnson
Pauline M. Johnson
11/27/1959 004077/292
Roy O. Johnson
Pauline M. Johnson
Hugo E. Carlson
Olga E. Carlson
01/06/1968 004822/551
Hugo E. Carlson Olga E. Carlson 06/05/1972 005225/570
Olga E. Carlson Theodore E. Carlson 12/18/1986 010151/135

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