5 Maple Street

5 Maple Street – c. 1840 (3 Maple Street on assessor’s map)

From To Date Book/Page Notes
William S. Hastings
Charles C. P. Hastings
Mary M. Hayward
Calvin Barber, Jr. 10/24/1836 000329/270
Calvin Barber, Jr. Horatio Stone 04/03/1840 000347/444 Portion of deed above; divided into 5 Maple Street and 7 Maple Street
Marcia M. Stone Adelaide M. Stone 02/03/1852 000484/641 Marcia (Mercia) Stone, widow of Horatio Stone (d. 1842)
Adelaide M. Stone Abel Weatherhead 03/03/1853 000502/576
Abel Weatherhead Adelaide M. Stone 03/03/1853 000507/055 Mortgage deed
Abel Weatherhead Paul Weatherhead 04/28/1853 000511/499 Mortgage deed
Adelaide M. Stone Susan Cook 01/06/1857 000574/149 Transfer of mortgage
Abel Weatherhead Susan Cook 03/10/1858 000592/340 Foreclosure
Susan Cook Nathan Harris 03/09/1861 000637/443
Alpha Harris
Eliab T. Harris
Ann Harris
Nathan W. Harris
Allura Harris
Elias S. Ballou, Jr.
William Henry Jillson
Alpha W. H. Jillson
Annette L. Weatherhead 02/12/1864 000686/609 Alpha Harris, widow of Nathan Harris (d. 1862)

Eliab T. and Nathan W. Harris, sons of Nathan Harris

Elias S. Ballou, Jr., grandson of Nathan Harris

Frank Eaton Weatherhead Samuel A. Brown 03/31/1906 001825/531 Frank Eaton Weatherhead, grandson of Annette Weatherhead (d. 1906)

One undivided fourth

Julius A. George,
Administrator of the
Estate of Annette
Belle Brown 06/27/1906 001832/499 Belle Brown, wife of Samuel Brown
Samuel A. Brown Alonzo E. Brown 06/30/1906 001833/179 One undivided fourth
Alonzo E. Brown Belle Brown 06/30/1906 001833/180 One undivided fourth
Belle Brown,
aka Mary J. Brown
A. Linwood Hammond
Laura L. Hammond
07/15/1938 002725/490
A. Linwood Hammond
Laura L. Hammond
First Baptist Church
in Mendon
06/28/1951 003352/140
First Baptist Church
in Mendon
Robert Brownly
Ruth E. Brownly
07/14/1955 003697/028
Robert A. Brownly
Ruth E. Brownly
James E. Chelotti
Janice M. Chelotti
09/11/1969 004976/451
James E. Chelotti
Janice M. Chelotti
David B. Lowell 06/20/1973 005352/570
David B. Lowell Richard W. Schofield, Jr. 06/30/2023 069331/214 House is on Parcel 4

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