98 North Avenue – c. 1850

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Liberty Goss
Susan Goss
Charles Davenport
George Davenport 07/08/1847 000426/584 Susan Davenport Goss and Charles Davenport, children of George L. Davenport (d. 1847)

Parcel 1

Two undivided ninths

David Davenport,
Guardian of

Harriet B. Davenport
Henry Davenport
William H. Davenport
Ann P. Davenport
Rebecca Davenport
David D. Davenport

George Davenport 07/08/1847 000426/590 Children of George L. Davenport (d. 1847)

Six undivided ninths

George Davenport Joseph Cummings 08/14/1848 000438/535 Two parcels in Mendon
Joseph Cummings George Davenport 10/25/1848 000443/066 Two adjoining parcels, house is on Parcel 2
George Davenport Joseph Cummings 10/25/1848 000443/067 Mortgage deed
George Davenport Joseph Cummings 06/15/1849 000452/027 Foreclosure
George Davenport Joseph Cummings 07/25/1849 000454/069
Joseph Cummings Obadiah Baker 03/25/1850 000463/134 Parcel with house only
Obadiah Baker Betsey Goss 04/28/1859 000627/241
Betsey (Goss) Wood Timothy F. Quigley 11/01/1888 001286/005
Timothy F. Quigley Ellen Quigley 11/01/1888 001286/006 Mortgage deed
Timothy F. Quigley Ellen Quigley 04/06/1892 001376/284 Foreclosure
Emily F. Quigley Ellen Quigley 04/06/1892 001376/285 Emily F. Quigley, wife of Timothy F. Quigley
Ann Quigley James Quigley 09/26/1898 001586/502 Ann Quigley title derived by descent from her mother Ellen Quigley (d. 1898)

One undivided half interest

House is on Parcel 2

James Quigley Mary E. Mahern 05/23/1925 002372/495 James Quigley title derived by descent from his mother Ellen Quigley (d. 1898)

Parcel 2 from deed above

Mary E. Mahern Everett F. Goodnow 08/27/1938 002728/207
Everett F. Goodnow George F. Simmons 06/01/1940 002779/063
George F. Simmons George F. Simmons
Ella B. Simmons
01/10/1949 003167/389
Ella B. Simmons Eldon A. Simmons
Eleanor G. Simmons
04/16/1965 004555/139
Eldon A. Swanson Eldon A. Swanson,
Trustee of Cookie
Realty Trust
02/29/2016 055215/029

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