96 North Avenue – c. 1890

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Seth Davenport, Jr. George L. Davenport 05/02/1843 Will George L. Davenport, son of Seth Davenport, Jr.
(d. 1843)
Charles Davenport George Davenport 09/14/1847 000426/589 Charles and George Davenport, sons of George L. Davenport (d. 1847)

3 acres 9 rods

George Davenport Joseph Cummings 08/14/1848 000438/535
Joseph Cummings George Davenport 10/25/1848 000443/066 Two adjoining parcels, including the 3 acre 9 rod parcel from deed 000426/589
George Davenport Joseph Cummings 10/25/1848 000443/067 Mortgage deed
David Davenport,
Guardian of

Harriet B. Davenport
William H. Davenport
Ann P. Davenport
Rebecca Davenport
David D. Davenport

George Davenport 03/19/1849 000464/118 Harriet B.
William H.
Ann P.
David D. Davenport

Minor children of George L.

3 acres 9 rods

George Davenport Joseph Cummings 06/15/1849 000452/027 Possession
George Davenport Joseph Cummings 07/25/1849 000454/069 Foreclosure
Joseph Cummings George Davenport 12/13/1852 000502/107
George Davenport Harriet Davenport 10/14/1854 000534/504 Harriet (B.) Davenport, wife of George L. Davenport
Harriet B. Davenport Joseph Cummings 02/26/1855 000538/503
George Davenport
Harriet Davenport
Joseph Cummings 02/27/1855 000545/421
Joseph Cummings Thomas Bird 04/24/1867 000744/393 Portion of the parcel above granted to the Locust Hill Cemetery in 1862 made the southeast corner of this lot 31.5 feet from the schoolhouse rather than 12 feet
Thomas Birds John Curley 01/24/1876 000975/100
John Curley William W. Nelson 04/18/1885 001195/103
William W. Nelson William S. Howard 04/18/1885 001195/104
William A. Cary
Frank P. Dyer

Executors of the Will
of William S. Howard

George Scriven 03/23/1898 001571/242
Margaret A. Scriven Franklin E. Goodnow 12/05/1911 001981/119
Franklin E. Goodnow Agnes A. Goodnow 03/25/1930 002516/490
Agnes A. Goodnow Ruth E. Ostrand 12/24/1940 002804/346
Ruth E. Ostrand Franklin E. Goodnow
Agnes A. Goodnow
12/24/1940 002804/347
Donald W. Goodnow
Mildred T. Knights
M. Morton Goodnow
Everett F. Goodnow
Dorothy M. Good
Alice E. Kerr
Robert G. Goodnow
Charles E. Goodnow
M. Morton Goodnow
Florence L. Goodnow
12/27/1956 003834/016 Heirs of Franklin E. Goodnow (d. 1955)

Portion of deed above

Florence L. Goodnow Barry B. Hawkins
Rita H. Hawkins
11/15/1968 004903/386
Barry B. Hawkins
Rita H. Hawkins
John M. Watt, Jr.
Dorothy Ann Watt
05/12/1971 005114/575
John M. Watt, Jr.
Dorothy Ann Watt
Walter Luczkow
Katrina A. Luczkow
06/18/1976 005963/297
Walter Luczkow
Katrina A. Luczkow
John B. Sayewich
Nina Sayewich Terenzi
12/20/2013 051873/254

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