25 Washington Street

25 Washington Street – c. 1840

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Enos Taft James Arnold 03/10/1828 000260/072
James Arnold Benjamin Davenport 03/18/1839 000344/143
Benjamin Davenport Welcome Staples 03/18/1840 000347/304
Welcome Staples Latimer S. Staples 08/25/1845 000402/362 Possibly a portion of deeds above
John George Metcalf,
Administrator of the
Estate of Latimer S.
Willard Wilcox, Jr. 04/03/1849 000446/509
Willard Wilcox, Jr. Chauncey Aldrich 03/02/1852 000496/486
Welcome Staple Chauncey Aldrich 04/07/1853 000515/085 Land only
Henry A. Holbrook Mary Aldrich 10/25/1897 002559/169 Land only
Annie Congdon Tom J. Harper 10/03/1932 002572/501 Annie Congdon derived title from her father, Chauncey Aldrich (d. 1896) and her sister, Mary Aldrich (d. 1932)

House is on Parcel 1

Flora Walker Wood,
Executrix of the
Will of Tom J.
Arthur P. Lund
Margaret C. Lund
03/11/1940 002770/062
Arthur P. Lund
Margaret C. Lund
Irvine Broome
Elenor R. Broome
04/03/1952 003407/515
Elenor R. Broome Richard I. Broome
Robert I. Broome
07/31/1992 014436/149 Reservation of Life Estate to Elenor Broome
Richard I. Broome Robert I. Broome 01/25/1999 020969/381
Elenor R. Broome Robert I. Broome 02/11/1999 021051/357 Release of Life Estate to Elenor Broome
Kathryn Hackenson
Brian W. Murray

Co-executors of the
Estate of Robert I.

Thomas Hackenson, Jr.
Kathryn Hackenson
03/12/2014 052142/236

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