145 Millville Street

145 Millville Street – c. 1880

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Nahor Staples
Prudence Staples
Johnson Legg 11/14/1808 000252/382 Land only, both sides of Millville Street
Johnson Legg Chloe Freeman 11/07/1835 000327/338 All real estate owned by Johnson Legg at the time
Willis Brown
Charlotte Brown
Johnson Legg 06/05/1845 000824/252 Land only, west side of Millville Street
Chloe (Freeman) Legg Royal M. Wheelock 06/11/1869 000792/506
Baron Lovewell Royal M. Wheelock 09/02/1870 000824/253 Baron Lovewell, grandson of Chloe Staples Freeman Legg (married to Johnson Legg, 2nd marriage for both)

Title via the will of Johnson Legg

Royal M. Wheelock Robert P. Williams
Harriet E. Williams
05/09/1872 000874/351 House is on Tract 2
Harriet E. Williams Willard Holbrook 05/05/1894 001438/455
Willard Holbrook Almon E. Chase 05/17/1899 001620/029
Almon E. Chase Willard Holbrook 05/17/1899 001620/032 Mortgage Deed
Almon E. Chase Mary M. Chase 10/22/1900 001664/422 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Mary M. Chase John B. Warner 11/27/1900 001680/543
John B. Warner John S. Hogarth 12/31/1910 001951/415
John S. Hogarth Blanche E. Celley 07/09/1928 002472/124
Blanche E. Celley John S. Hogarth
Elizabeth F. Hogarth
07/09/1928 002472/125
John S. Hogarth Maurice Durocher
Dorothy Durocher
08/04/1961 004214/162
Maurice Durocher
Dorothy Durocher
Wells Fargo Bank 06/19/2006 039234/022 Mortgage deed
Wells Fargo Bank Champion Mortgage
10/12/2017 057869/121 Mortgage assignment
Champion Mortgage
Federal National
Mortgage Association
03/12/2019 060282/148 Foreclosure deed, sold at auction
Federal National
Mortgage Association
Raymond Connolly
Stephanie Connolly
06/25/2019 060614/105
Raymond Connolly
Stephanie Connolly
Bedrock Crossing, LLC 08/02/2019 060853/118 Demolished October 16, 2019
Bedrock Crossing, LLC Kevin M. Vanslette
Melissa E. R. Vanslette
09/09/2020 063253/139 New construction

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