48 Providence Street

48 Providence Street – c. 1724

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John Gurney
Samuel Gurney
Mary Gurney
Ephraim Thayer 09/12/1693 000023/162
Ephraim Thayer Josiah Thayer 02/13/1692 000019/356
Josiah Thayre (Thayer) Jethro Coffin 11/29/1708 000030/187
Jethro Coffin Robert Coffin 01/29/1721 000039/261
Robert Coffin Margaret Terry 06/28/1736 000008/152 Robert Coffin and Margaret Terry, children of Jethro Coffin (d. 1726)
Samuel Terry
Margaret Terry
Edmund Morse 10/04/1737 000008/488
Douglas Marsh
Rachel Marsh
Increase Thayer 02/22/1783 000093/257 Rachel Merriam Marsh, granddaughter and heir of Edmund Morse (d. 1780)
William Merriam Increase Thayer 03/26/1783 000096/201 William Merriam, grandson and heir of Edmund Morse
Edmund Merriam
Ebenzer Merriam
Increase Thayer 09/02/1783 000096/199 Edmund and Ebenezer Merriam, grandsons and heirs of Edmund Morse
Samuel Bliss Increase Thayer 09/04/1783 000096/200 Ruth Merriam Bliss, granddaughter and heir of Edmund Morse
William Thayer Nathan Verry 02/23/1785 000105/676 Land only
Increase Thayer Nathan Verry 04/15/1785 000096/202 House is on this parcel
Nathan Verry Caleb V. Allen 1800 Will of
Caleb V. Allen, grandson of Nathan Verry, son of Sally Verry Allen (d. 1785) and Caleb Allen
(d. 1785)
Caleb V. Allen Alexander H. Allen 06/07/1833 000293/548 Alexander H. Allen, son of Caleb V. Allen (d. 1841)

Undivided ½ interest

Charles A. Thayer
Nancy W. Thayer
Sally V. Allen
Louisa M. Allen
Alexander H. Allen 10/17/1837 000340/191 Nancy W. Thayer, Sally V. and Louisa M. Allen, children of Caleb V. Allen
Henry Chapin, Judge
of the Court of
Austin Wood 05/27/1864 000687/255 Alexander H. Allen, insolvent debtor
Austin Wood,
Assignee of the
Estate of Alexander
H. Allen
Aaron C. Cook 03/29/1865 000705/154
Alexander H. Allen
Lucy S. Allen
Aaron C. Cook 12/24/1866 000740/006
Aaron C. Cook Davis Hill 03/07/1870 000980/508
Horace C. Adams,
Malvina E. Vose
Miranda E. Gay
05/01/1909 001904/329 Horace Adams appointed by the Probate Court of Worcester to make partition of real estate owned by Davis Hill (d. 1906)

Malvina E. Vose and Miranda E. Gay, daughters of Davis Hill

Sold at auction

Malvina E. Vose
Miranda E. Gay
Pierre A. Norman 03/15/1910 001928/142
Pierre A. Norman Henry Morrison 05/12/1924 002333/395
Henry Morrison Daniel Morrison
Sarah F. Morrison
04/16/1935 002638/431
Francis D. Morrison Francis D. Morrison
Margaret S. Morrison
07/06/1979 006775/390 Francis D. and Kenneth Morrison, children of Daniel (d. 1952) and Sarah F. Morrison
(d. 1953)

Title via the estate of Kenneth Morrison
(d. 1976)

Margaret S. Morrison Margaret S. Morrison
Arthur D. Paddock
Gladys A. D’Alessandro
10/03/1986 009859/316
Arthur D. Paddock
Gladys A. D’Alessandro
Deborah E. Paddock 02/05/1998 019701/299 Portion of deed above
Deborah E. Paddock Deborah E. Paddock
Arthur D. Paddock
07/15/2005 036841/332

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