30 Blackstone Street

30 Blackstone Street – c. 1848

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Joseph Robbins Lewis Gardner 06/14/1845 000410/310 No buildings mentioned in deed
Lewis Gardner Frederick Gardner 10/02/1848 000439/578 No buildings mentioned in deed
Frederick Gardner Mary M. Hayward 04/22/1850 000464/119 Mortgage deed
Mary M. Hayward Isabella Turner 03/12/1852 000494/076 Transfer of mortgage
Thomas Gardner,
Attorney for Frederick
Isabella Turner 04/15/1852 000490/291
Gilbert Gaskill Isabella Turner 06/24/1856 000571/003 Land only
Calvin Turner
Isabella Turner
John B. Mellen 02/23/1859 000616/561
John B. Mellen
Sally Mellen
Lucy Darling 11/03/1859 000630/230
Lucy Darling Elizabeth R. Goodell 05/08/1890 001326/264
Elizabeth R. Goodell Elizabeth S. Lord 11/12/1892 001395/386
Elizabeth S. Lord Nancy M. Wood 10/02/1895 001483/434
Nancy M. Wood Frank E. Mann 07/30/1897 001550/165
Frank E. Mann Mary A. MacDonald 09/24/1897 001555/207
Mary A. MacDonald Hattie A. Foss 10/01/1907 001865/352
Hattie A. Foss Thomas Carrigg
Annie Carrigg
05/04/1908 001878/207
Thomas Carrigg
Annie Carrigg
Robert P. Neil 10/24/1910 001946/363
Annie Neil Paul E. Lynch 10/30/1926 002422/165
Paul E. Lynch Annie Neil 12/19/1927 002457/127
Annie Neil James A. Carmody
Mary A. Carmody
01/13/1929 002509/448
Elaine M. Malia,
Administrator of the
Estates of James A.
Carmody and Mary A.
Merton F. Barrows
Janet L. Barrows
05/01/1963 004366/544
Merton F. Barrows
Janet L. Barrows
Dana C. Armour
Melba J. Armour
05/07/1963 004369/352 Portion of deed above
Merton F. Barrows
Janet L. Barrows
Dana C. Armour
Melba J. Armour
08/12/1969 004969/263 Adjacent land
Dana C. Armour
Melba J. Armour
David B. Lowell,
Trustee of the Dana C.
and Melba J. Armour
Family Trust
06/07/2013 051034/189 House is on Parcel 1

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