75 Providence Street

75 Providence Street – c. 1858

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Pardon Aldrich Zimri Cook 06/10/1806 000166/182
Mendon Inhabitants Zimri Cook 02/23/1807 000166/180
Royal French Zimri Cook 04/25/1807 000168/296
Sumner Ballou
Celisse Ballou
Joanna Scott 05/15/1821 000239/197 Celisse Ballou, daughter of Zimri Cook (d. 1812) and Joanna (Cook) Scott, widow of Zimri Cook

½ the dwelling house on the property

Joanna Scott Welcome B. Cook 08/23/1858 000599/621 Title via the estate of Zimri Cook; 41 ½ acres and ½ the dwelling house
Welcome B. Cook Charles Fletcher 08/23/1858 000599/623
Charles Fletcher Welcome B. Cook 08/23/1858 000626/645 Mortgage deed
Welcome B. Cook Stephen R. White 05/16/1860 000626/648 Mortgage assignment
Charles Fletcher Asa A. Fletcher 02/08/1873 000890/550 Mortgage to Stephen R. White still owed
Edward R. White
Abbie M. White
Nancy F. White 09/25/1875 000964/328 Edward R. and Abbie M. White, children of Stephen R. White
(d. 1875) and Nancy F. White (d. 1901)
Asa A. Fletcher Almira F. Fletcher 11/22/1877 001058/568
Abbie M. White Charles A. Fletcher 01/29/1909 001902/010 Title via the will of her mother, Nancy F. White

To remove any cloud of the title to the premises because of the mortgage

L. Leslie Fletcher
Ada A. Williams
Charles A. Fletcher 03/22/1909 001902/010 Grantors and grantees title derived by descent from their mother, Almira F. Fletcher (d. 1908), wife of Charles Fletcher
(d. 1907)

House is on Parcel 1

Margaret G. Morrison Arthur F. Paddock, Jr. 09/25/1950 003292/149 Margaret G. (Paddock) Morrison

2/3 undivided interest

Title via the will of her 1st husband, Arthur Fletcher Paddock, Sr., grandson of Charles A. Fletcher (d. 1927)

Margaret G. Morrison Arthur F. Paddock, Jr. 02/18/1976 005890/357 Remaining interest
Arthur F. Paddock, Jr. Arthur F. Paddock, Jr.
Laurita A. Paddock
02/18/1976 005890/358
Arthur F. Paddock, Jr.
Laurita A. Paddock
Arthur F. Paddock, Jr.
Laurita A. Paddock
12/11/2007 042191/268

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