7 Nipmuc Drive – c. 1900

From To Date Book/Page Notes
John C. Wood Amariah A. Taft 06/24/1892 001385/277
Jesse A. Taft William W. Wheaton 10/20/1894 001459/201 Jesse A. Taft, heir-at-law of Amariah A. Taft

Portion of deed above

William W. Wheaton Clifton E. Bates 01/10/1898 001564/409
Clifton E. Bates Patrick J. Spillane 09/06/1898 001593/066
Patrick J. Spillane Clifton E. Bates 09/06/1898 001593/067 Mortgage Deed
Patrick J. Spillane Jeremiah B. Spillane 08/31/1899 001629/052 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Jeremiah B. Spillane Henry A. Daniels 12/12/1900 001672/400
Henry A. Daniels John T. Manson 12/15/1900 001672/402 First tract contains house
John T. Manson Georgiana F. Rogers 09/10/1910 002044/393 First tract from deed 001672/402
Georgiana F. Rogers Sadie Rogers 10/04/1937 002706/379
Henry K. Greenwood
Dorothy L. Greenwood
H. Emilie Rattie
Rita M. Rattie
10/03/1949 003206/574 Henry K and Dorothy L. Greenwood, heirs of Sadie Rogers (d. 1948)
H. Emilie Rattie
Rita M. Rattie
Lodie Brien 04/30/1952 003414/315
Lodie Brien Joseph N. Fagnant
Lillian Fagnant
09/22/1953 003534/589 Portion of deed above
Joseph N. Fagnant
Lillian Fagnant
P. Eugene Casey 08/26/1958 003969/099
P. Eugene Casey D. Edmund Gallant
Edith Marie Gallant
09/06/1960 004138/577
George R. Kearsley
Cheryl F. Kearsley
D. Edmund Gallant 12/01/1998 020754/158 Lot 3B, land only
D. Edmund Gallant Kenneth G. Gallant 12/17/2004 035336/379
Kenneth M. Gallant Chittenden Trust Co. 12/17/2004 035337/001 Mortgage deed
Chittenden Trust Co. Milford National Bank 12/30/2004 042288/352 Assignment of mortgage
D. Edmund Gallant Kenneth M. Gallant 03/01/2006 038520/382 Deed to correct middle initial of Grantee in deed 035336/379
Kenneth M. Gallant Milford National Bank 02/29/2008 042675/237 Foreclosure Deed
Milford National Bank Bento C. Pinto 05/01/2008 042881/307 Demolished 2019

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