60 North Avenue – c. 1850 (60A North Avenue on assessor’s map)

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Benjamin Tallman Peter Thompson 04/16/1810 000177/565
Peter Thompson Benjamin Tallman 04/16/1810 000177/214 Mortgage Deed
Benjamin Tallman Peter Thompson 12/16/1813 000191/060
Peter Thompson Henry Sweeting 12/30/1813 000191/063
Henry Sweeting Benjamin Davenport 10/24/1814 000195/371
Benjamin Davenport Zalman Green 11/25/1829 000271/325
Zalman Green Joseph Miller 2nd 02/06/1837 000321/369
Dorothy H. Miller Andrew H. Reed 04/01/1853 000582/114 Dorothy H. Miller, widow of Joseph Miller 2nd (d. 1852)

Andrew Reed, guardian of John B. Miller, Alice A. Miller and Emily V. Thayer

First piece in deed above

House is on Tract 1

Andrew H. Reed Seth T. Davenport 04/02/1853 000756/502 Two undivided thirds owned by John B. Miller and Alice A. Miller

Tract 1 in deed above

Emily V. Thayer Seth T. Davenport 04/01/1857 000756/503 One undivided third
Seth T. Davenport Royal Cummings 04/22/1857 000598/528
Royal Cummings Jesse Despeaux 10/29/1858 000602/311
Jesse Despeaux Calvin Butler 11/01/1867 000757/308
Calvin Butler Daniel G. Cook 08/29/1873 000909/248
Daniel G. Cook Eunice Briggs 03/30/1876 000980/068
Eunice Briggs Horace S. Aldrich 06/23/1885 001197/435
Horace S. Aldrich Edward L. Smith 11/18/1903 001767/254
Edward L. Smith Edward F. Blood 11/16/1907 001867/391
Edward F. Blood Gladys B. Holmes 07/14/1934 002615/399
Gladys B. Holmes Gladys B. Holmes
Shirley E. Holmes
05/09/1961 004196/133
Robert L. Holmes
Arthur E. Holmes
Nancy A. Holmes
Anthony C. Rocks, Jr.
Joyce M. Rocks
06/12/1972 005246/134 Heirs of Gladys B. Holmes
Joyce M. Rocks Michael J. Travers
Diana J. Travers
08/20/1980 007044/155
Michael J. Travers
Diana J. Travers
Michael J. Travers
Diana J. Travers
04/22/1996 017851/013
Michael J. Travers
Diana J. Travers
Michael J. Travers 08/05/1997 019070/231
Michael J. Travers Theodore L. Hilliard 02/29/2000 022508/071
Theodore L. Hilliard Ronald McQuinn,
Trustee of
60 North Avenue
Realty Trust
05/12/2016 055347/210
Rte. 85 Realty Corp.,
Trustee of
60 North Avenue
Realty Trust
Rte. 85 Realty Corp. 01/08/2017 058295/194 Original house demolished 6/13/2017
Rte. 85 Realty Corp. John J. Knox
Shirley A. Knox
04/18/2019 060322/279 Portion of deed above

New construction

John J. Knox
Shirley A. Knox
John J. Knox
Shirley A. Knox
Damon S. Tinio
Lawney M. Tinio
12/19/2022 068627/237 With Life Estate to John J. and Shirley A. Knox

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