29 Thornton Street

29 Thornton Street – c. 1800

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Nathan Aldrich George Aldrich 04/26/1785 000097/218
Zaccheus Taft
Abigail Taft
David Davenport 03/10/1803 000151/104 Title via the Will of George Aldrich (d. 1797)

Two undivided thirds

Zaccheus Taft
Abigail Taft
David Davenport 03/10/1804 000154/352 Appears to be the same land as in deed above
Watee Davenport Caleb Mowry 06/02/1813 000187/381 Watee Davenport title via the will of her husband, David Davenport (d. 1812)

Two undivided thirds

George Taft 2nd Caleb Mowry 06/02/1813 000187/388 Title via the will of George Aldrich

One undivided third

Caleb Mowry Samuel Bills 03/11/1814 000194/635 45 acres 72 rods
Luke Aldrich Samuel Bills 04/01/1818 000228/405 6 acres 51 rods pasture
Ebenezer W. Hayward Davis Bills 01/27/1842 000363/533 15 acres 19 rods woodland
Marie L. Bills Susan E. Rawson 07/12/1890 001329/336 Marie L. Bills; widow of Davis Bills (d. 1890)

Releasing rights of dower and homestead

Davis Bills Farm; 3 parcels above

Susan E. Rawson Rupert F. Bates 08/19/1893 001418/410 Susan Rawson title via the will of her father, Davis Bills
Rupert F. Bates Catherine Merigan 03/21/1896 001500/436 Portion of deed above

House is on Parcel 1

Catherine Merigan Clifton E. Bates 11/07/1896 001524/173
Clifton E. Bates William A. Patterson 11/17/1896 001522/531
William A. Patterson Donald J. Patterson 01/10/1901 001669/527
Donald J. Patterson William S. Southwick 07/30/1904 001788/227
William S. Southwick Bernard N. Rogers 08/17/1912 002002/590
Harold A. Rogers
Leonard M. Rogers
Raymond W. Rogers
Norman I. Rogers
Alvin B. Rogers
Olive S. Rogers
Lottie A. Rogers 03/29/1941 002839/146 Title via the estate of their father, Bernard N. Rogers( d. 1940)

House is on Parcel 1

Edith F. Rogers,
Guardian of Roland A.
Rogers and Kenneth N.
Lottie A. Rogers 11/10/1941 002839/145 Title via the estate of Bernard. N. Rogers, grandfather of Roland A. and Kenneth N. Rogers

Edith F. Rogers, widow of Roland A. Rogers (d. 1937), son of Bernard N. Rogers

Lottie A. Rogers, widow of Bernard N. Rogers

Lottie A. Rogers Raymond W. Rogers
Gladys E. Rogers
01/24/1942 002845/120 Lottie A. Rogers via the estates of Raymond W. Rogers (d. 1987) and Gladys E. Rogers (d. 1983)

Parcel 1 in deed above

Ethel J. Coburn Robert A Lindfelt
John A. Lindfelt

Trustees of the
Allen Ansel Trust

08/04/1993 015440/216 Ethel Coburn title via the estate of Gladys E. Rogers
Robert A Lindfelt Alicante Properties LLC 12/19/2022 063730/047

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