153 Millville Street

153 Millville Street – c. 1890

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Thomas Taft Arnold Taft
Stephen Taft
Thomas Taft, Jr.
04/01/1823 000244/359 Arnold, Stephen and Thomas Taft, Jr., sons of Thomas Taft (d.1835)

Parcel 1 in deed below

Arnold Taft Stephen Taft
Thomas Taft
10/02/1837 000327/363
Stephen Taft
Thomas Taft
Arnold Taft 01/16/1838 000338/041 Undivided 1/3
Thomas Taft Arnold Taft
Stephen Taft
09/08/1838 000338/041 Undivided 1/3
Stephen Taft Arnold Taft 07/04/1857 00600/547 Portion of deed above

Undivided ½

Land where Arnold Taft built a house for his son Charles Taft (d. 1857)

Arnold Taft Jane E. Alexander 05/19/1859 000614/148 Jane E. Alexander, daughter of Arnold Taft (d. 1871)

Property “not to be sold during the lifetime of the grantor without his leave being first obtained in writing”

Jane E. Alexander Edward L. Staples 05/30/1874 000928/296
Edward L. Staples Amariah A. Taft 03/01/1878 001026/190 House is on Tract 3
Amariah A. Taft Austin Wood
John C. Wood
12/05/1881 001128/532
John C. Wood Austin Wood 09/11/1884 001192/597
Austin Wood Sarah J. McCauley 07/25/1889 001305/057 House is on Lot 1
Sarah J. McCauley Jerry G. Fournier 08/19/1890 001330/539
Jerry G. Fournier Peter Valliquette 08/22/1895 001484/231
Peter Valliquette Richard T. Hogarth 03/22/1902 001711/230
Grace Hogarth Felton
Eugene Rhodes
Richard H. Rhodes 04/04/1936 002711/492 Title via the estate of Richard T. Hogarth (d. 1926)
Richard H. Rhodes Richard H. Rhodes
Lilyann E. Rhodes
01/30/1937 002711/492
Lillian (Lilyann) E.
Robert R. Rhodes
Beverly J. Taft
03/29/1996 017844/108
Beverly J. Taft Gary Taft 03/26/2003 029555/398
Gary Taft Reese R. Rhodes
Darlene J. Rhodes
11/08/2007 042053/138
Robert R. Rhodes Reese R. Rhodes
Darlene J. Rhodes
11/08/2007 042053/140

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