5 Main Street – c. 1820

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Dr. Alexander Thayer, Jr. Benjamin Davenport 10/1820 000222/292
Benjamin Davenport Lewis Slocum 11/09/1820 000222/293
Lewis Slocum Enoz Goss
Jabez Aldrich
09/04/1828 000262/298
Jabez Aldrich Anna Childs 01/01/1829 000265/028 Undivided half interest
Anna Childs Enos Goss 01/16/1830 000397/571
Enos Goss James S. Phetteplace
George A. Seagrave
04/28/1843 000376/383 Undivided half interest
James S. Phetteplace
George A. Seagrave
Liberty Goss 05/15/1844 000391/058 Liberty Goss, brother of Enos Goss (d. 1844)
Maria M. Goss Charles H. Childs 04/06/1847 000426/181 Maria M. Goss, wife of Enos Goss

Undivided half interest

Liberty Goss Charles H. Childs 05/14/1847 000426/181 Undivided half interest
William H. Childs
Clara T. Childs
Arvedina H. Childs
Charles H. Robinson 12/23/1897 001564/181 William H., Clara T. and Arvedina H. Childs, children and heirs of Charles H. Childs (d. 1866)
Charles H. Robinson Isaac L. White 06/18/1903 001753/201 Portion of deed above
Edgar L. White Paul Williams 08/04/1923 002309/214 Edgar White, son and heir of Isaac L. White (d. 1912)

Undivided 2/3

Edgar L. White,
Administrator of the
Estate of Lurana E.
Paul Williams 08/21/1923 002309/213 Lurana L. White
(d. 1922), wife of Isaac L. White

Undivided 1/3

Paul Williams Wendell Williams 12/01/1924 002354/562 Mortgage deed
Paul Williams Wendell Williams 06/05/1933 002584/140 Possession
Wendell Williams Reina F. Adams 06/05/1933 002584/156 Foreclosure, sold at auction
Reina F. Adams Teresa Bosma 10/24/1935 002653/372
Teresa Bosma First Baptist Church
in Mendon
01/14/1969 004918/284
First Baptist Church
of Mendon
Thomas F. Gleason
Geraldine L. Gleason
09/27/1978 006578/006 Portion of deed above
Geraldine L. Gleason JK Investments, LLC 01/24/2012 048467/282

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