93 North Avenue – c. 1850

From To Date Book/Page Notes
Joseph G. Davenport Charles F. Goodnow 12/31/1850 000471/350
Charles F. Goodnow S. Clarendon Taft 03/01/1852 000487/427
Charles F. Goodnow Stephen Taft 05/21/1852 000491/630 Mortgage deed
Charles F. Goodnow S. Clarendon Taft 05/24/1852 000497/251 Mortgage deed
S. Clarendon Taft Otis Wilcox
Amariah Taft
01/27/1853 000539/086 Assignment of mortgage deed 000497/251
Otis Wilcox
Amariah Taft
Charles F. Goodnow 09/13/1854 000539/087 Repayment of mortgage 000497/251
Charles F. Goodnow Amariah A. Taft 02/11/1856 000556/481
Amariah A. Taft Ezra W. Mowry 07/14/1856 000564/521
Ezra W. Mowry Charles F. Goodnow 12/17/1858 000608/127
Charles F. Goodnow Ezra W. Mowry 12/17/1858 000611/394 Mortgage deed
Charles F. Goodnow Arnold Taft
Thomas Taft

Executors of the
Will of Stephen Taft

11/06/1861 000646/278 Possession for the breech of payment of mortgage 000491/630
Charles F. Goodnow Ezra W. Mowry 05/10/1862 000651/436
Ezra W. Mowry
Caroline A. Mowry
David G. Saunders 07/05/1862 000653/559 Deed of Trust, George S. Bowker to be trustee. David S. Saunders to continue to use the property but must convey the property within 10 years
David G. Saunders George S. Bowker 10/13/1862 000663/437 Appoint Sarah J. Johnson as the person to whom the property is to be conveyed
George S. Bowker Sarah J. Johnson 10/13/1862 000663/438 Sarah J. Johnson, wife of Francis A. Johnson

Sarah J. Johnson to pay the mortgage 000491/630

Francis A. Johnson
Sarah J. Johnson
William Aldrich 05/28/1863 000666/495
William Aldrich Abagail Alexander 04/01/1864 000681/136
Abagail Alexander Samuel W. Doggett 07/27/1864 000687/521
Harriet Doggett
Samuel W. Doggett
Amariah A. Taft 06/21/1869 000790/473
Amariah A. Taft James Quigley 06/22/1869 000790/474
James Quigley Charlotte A. Davenport 03/04/1871 000834/318
Charlotte A. Davenport John L. Davenport 10/11/1878 001039/372
John L. Davenport Austin D. Davenport 02/27/1883 001139/246
Austin D. Davenport Myra A. Davenport 02/27/1883 001139/247 Myra Davenport, wife of John L. Davenport
Ernest M. Davenport George G. Davenport 10/16/1918 002163/038 Ernest M. Davenport, son of Myra A. Davenport

House is on Tract 3

George G. Davenport Alfred Cadman 06/02/1925 002372/169
Elizabeth Cadman George C. Cadman 07/16/1937 002699/482 Elizabeth Cadman, widow of Alfred Cadman
George C. Cadman Edmond L. Leighton
Dorothy E. Leighton
05/20/1976 005942/382
Edmond L. Leighton
Dorothy E. Leighton
Susan L. Swanson
Gloria J. Profetto
12/19/1983 008027/381
Susan L. Swanson
Gloria J. Profetto
Gloria J. Profetto 10/03/2000 023116/167
Gloria J. Profetto Kevin M. Flanagan
Deborah J. Flanagan
06/27/2014 052494/179 House destroyed by fire on 12/14/2017

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