26 Maple Street

26 Maple Street – c. 1770

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Samuel Thayer 4th George Keith 08/31/1762 000046/286 Originally run as an inn by George and Elisabeth Keith, possibly 1770-1774. George Keith died in 1774, leaving his real estate to Elisabeth. Elisabeth was remarried to John Hill in 1780.

Elisabeth died 1802 age 86. Upon Elisabeth’s death any remaining real estate was to go to Margery Aldrich and Mary Rice or their heirs. Benjamin Wheelock was the son of Margery Aldrich
(d. 1783) and Seth Wheelock.

The inn was located at what is now 10 Hastings Street. It was moved to 26 Maple Street around 1820.

Asael Rice
Mary Rice
John Hill 12/31/1798 000136/099 Asael Rice, also Asal and Ashal

Relinquishing right to property left by the will of George Keith

Benjamin Wheelock John Hill 05/07/1803 000150/431 9 acres on Maple Street
John Hill Benjamin Wheelock 05/07/1803 Deed not found

1.25 acres, portion of deed above

Benjamin Wheelock Ephraim Lee
Nathan McIntire, Jr.
12/21/1807 000167/470 Mentions deed above

No mention of buildings

Nathan McIntire, Jr. Ephraim Lee 12/31/1808 000219/130 Mentions buildings
Ephraim Lee Harriet C. Jackson 06/29/1819 000221/346
Harriet C. Jackson Jonathan Russell 06/29/1821 000224/336 Harriet C. Jackson, granddaughter of Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell Elias Rawson 08/25/1824 000238/558
Elias Rawson Ruel Rawson
Jeramiah May
04/01/1825 000243/632
Ruel Rawson
Jeramiah May
Elias Rawson 04/01/1825 000244/248 Mortgage deed
Ruel Rawson Jeramiah May 10/24/1826 000252/349
Jeramiah May Caleb Hayward 02/21/1827 000253/514 Mortgage 000252/349 to be paid by Caleb Hayward and the amount to be deducted from this deed
Elias Rawson Caleb Hayward 05/25/1827 000257/494
Ebenezer W. Hayward,
Administrator of the
Estate of Caleb Hayward
Holland Albee 08/10/1833 000294/587 Sold at auction
Mary M. Hayward Holland Albee 09/02/1833 000294/589 Mary Hayward, wife of Caleb Hayward
(d. 1832)

Release of dower

Holland Albee Alvan T. Staples 01/21/1848 000433/155 Portion of deed above
Alvan T. Staples
Alice Staples
Abigail Staples 03/24/1855 000542/424
Abigail Staples Nancy (Staples)
02/20/1864 000679/089 Nancy Smith, daughter of Abigail Staples, married to Benjamin Holden Smith
Ebenezer Swan
Nancy (Smith) Swan
Royal M. Wheelock 12/26/1873 000913/613 Nancy Smith second marriage to Ebenezer Swan
Sarah F. Towne
Walter M. Wheelock
J.C.F. Wheelock
Rachel S. Wheelock 07/25/1889 001305/317 Sarah F. Towne, Walter M. Wheelock and J.C.F. Wheelock, children and heirs of Royal Wheelock
(d. 1879)

Rachel S. Wheelock (d. 1895), wife of Royal Wheelock

J.C.F. Wheelock Sarah F. Towne 04/08/1899 001613/033 Sarah F. Towne, J.C.F. Wheelock and Walter M. Wheelock title via the will of their mother, Rachel S. Wheelock (d. 1895)

One undivided 3rd

Walter M. Wheelock Sarah F. (Towne)
04/23/1904 001782/525 Sarah F. Towne second marriage to John Hoggarth

One undivided 3rd

John M. Towne Walter F. Towne
Florence H. Towne
03/14/1934 002605/518 John M., Walter F., Florence H. and Nathan F. Towne derived title by will of their mother Sarah F. Hoggarth (d. 1932)
Nathan F. Towne Walter F. Towne
Florence H. Towne
03/14/1934 002605/519
Walter H. Newcomb Florence H. Towne 11/05/1941 002838/164 Walter H. Newcomb derived title by will of his mother Nettie C. (Newcomb) Towne (d. 1939), wife of Walter F. Towne
(d. 1936)
Nathan F. Towne
J. Wheelock Towne
Charles C. Towne
Walter F. Towne
Florence H. Towne 11/17/1941 002839/321 Heirs at law of Walter F. Towne
John H. Towne,
Administrator of the
Estate of Florence H.
Walter I. Coffin
Nancy T. Coffin
06/09/1958 003945/337
Walter I. Coffin Nancy T. Coffin 10/18/1968 004895/076
Gordon A. Shaw,
Trustee under the
ill of Nancy T.
Janet M. Barrows 04/02/1980 007011/372
Janet M. Barrows Russell F. Dudley
Anne D. Dudley
09/14/1983 007914/055
Russell F. Dudley
Anne D. Dudley
Russell F. Dudley
Anne D. Dudley

Trustees of Dudley
Living Trust

11/30/2015 054662/229
Russell F. Dudley
Anne D. Dudley

Trustees of Dudley
Living Trust

Russell F. Dudley
Anne D. Dudley
09/04/2018 059354/067
Maple Premier Realty
Stephen Parrish 05/01/2024 070492/029

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